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Do You Want To Build & Skyrocket Your Online Business In The Next 90 Days To Finally Live The Lifestyle You Want?
Get clear on your audience and offer, position yourself as an authority, get more online clients, learn how to build your own sales funnel ... without spending hours on it with the right guidance that turns your efforts into your first high-paying clients within 90 days or less!

Do You Want To Build & Skyrocket Your Online Business In The Next 90 Days To Finally Live The Lifestyle You Want?
Get clear on your audience and offer, position yourself as an authority, get more online clients, learn how to build your own sales funnel ... without spending hours on it with the right guidance that turns your efforts into clients within 90 days or less!

Imagine if ...
 ...You could attract high-ticket clients in the next 90 days, by doing what you love and what you're great at 
 ...You were able to finally stop staring at your screen everyday without knowing what to do, where to start, or which actions you should take ...
 ...You could finally get clear on who exactly is your audience, what your offer should contain, at which price you should charge 
 ...You could have a real plan of action to follow to get booked and get high-ticket clients every single month
 ...You could become THE expert in your industry so that whenever people think about your industry, they think about your brand's name
AND ...
 ...You were able to help more people and start selling your services without feeling you're a total scam
 ...You were able to talk to clients who feel excited to work with you and want to get on a call with you (instead of having to chase them!)
 ...You had on-demand mentorship and guidance for whenever you feel “stuck” in your business - and you never had to feel alone / overwhelmed.
Do you want to make it happen
and get started on it today?
Apply for my Business Accelerator Program here:
[Upon availability - 5 spots available every 3 months]
Your program to skyrocket your online business, start getting high-ticket clients within the next 90 days, and live the life you deserve!
The Business Accelerator Program is a 90-day coaching program that helps you start & grow your online coaching, consulting or services-based business, by using one of my favorite tool, ClickFunnels (pretty much Wordpress simplified and an all-in-one tool created to generate results).

I know what you're going to say here "thanks Mel but I don't know ClickFunnels and I am not such a techie person" or "I don't want to spend my time learning about a new tool".  Well, good thing is that you don't have to worry about this, I will guide you step by step and tell you how to get things done the easy way. 

When you join, you’ll have access to my Facebook group where you can ask any question you want, and will also have access to me to have ALL the support you need to make things happen and get your first clients.
I will teach you everything I know and give you all the tools you need to succeed in getting clients for your business such as strategies to write your own content, ways to grow your social media, tips to get your website done in minutes etc.

Each week, we will have a session together and I will give you some homework to be done for the next session together to move forward - and by the end of the 90 days, you’ll have your first clients and a sales funnel ready to go to turn prospects into clients.

If anything, I will be here to support you through Messenger and reply to your messages within 24 to 48 hours so you dont get stuck. 

With this system, my last students like Moses below, generated their first clients within 10 to 60 days (but to play it safe, I guarantee it within 90 days!).

Do you want the same kind of results and can't wait to get started?

Elements we will work on together
(non-exhaustive list):



What my clients say ...
"Mel is awesome and amazing! A great coach and mentor! - she helped me build my online business totally from scratch within 90 days and she's sooo dedicated to what she does. I gained my first customer within 2 weeks and have helped me reached $5k/month from the 3rd month! I highly recommend working with her!" 

Moses Thien, Founder of MJ Digital Space (Canada)

Let's check if we can be a right match right, here right now :)
Is this you? ...
 You had a few clients in the past (or none) and seriously want to take your business off the ground (and finally start getting clients!)
 You know how to use social media and build a basic web page but easily feel overwhelmed with strategic thinking, content creation, actions to take or not to get more clients ...
 You want to have an online business, not just because you need money but because it will give you the freedom to do whatever you want (meaning spending more time traveling and with friends/family)
 ​You feel that you're not living to your true potential and you're tired of playing it small
If the statements above describe YOU….
The Business Accelerator Program 
is for you.
What my students say ...
"When I started working with Melanie, everything just changed. In only one session, we organised all my business : my target, my services, my offer, my pricing...everything was done within only one session. And I started to get my REAL first client (6 months contract) in less than 2 weeks, so that was pretty awesome. Then we worked on my website, how to create a converting website and to get new clients. As a result, I hit $5k/month goal in less than 2 months and I made more than 15K in less than 3 months. Thank you very much Melanie, I just still can't believe what's happening right now as I'm here living my dream in Bali. I highly recommend Melanie for her professionalism, having her as a coach litterally changed my business and my life. " 

Sofian Kabiri, Founder of StartOnline (France)

By the end of the Online Business Accelerator Program, you will ...
 ​Have a freedom-based business model that fits the life you want to live, giving you the time to do what you want, with who you want, where you want, when you want.
 Have a content strategy in place, so you can become the "go-to" expert for your audience, strengthen your brand, and become an authority in your niche.
 Be confident about selling your packages with ease and authenticity.
 ​Understand exactly how to solve any problem within your business, and have someone who support you all the way in reaching your goals 
About Melanie
Hey there! I'm Melanie, and I created the Business  Accelerator Program in order to help ambitious entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level, FAST!

Why would I do such a thing? Because I've been in a place where I really needed clients 3 times in my life (when me and my business partner created a marketing agency in Sydney after I quit my 9-5 job, then when I started my own business, and then when I lost everything after my dad passed away...), and trust me, I would have loved at that time to have someone to hold my hand tell me "Hey Mel, let's get this going and get your first clients for your business within 90 days, you're going to kill it!"

So yes, I very much know this feeling when you struggle, hire the wrong people and spend tons of money, have no clients, and want to finally start turning your project & dreams into reality and start getting clients. 

I've never had that person next to me, and I've done it the hard way. It took me 4 years of work and 9 years of marketing hustle), day and night to master thisI've tried A LOT of methods to acquire clients, I've managed and created tons of campaigns for clients from the corporate company to the solo-preneur. And today I'm here to share my best methods to you.

But this is not for everyone. It's for action-takers who want to make things happen and believe they can make a change in this world. The ones who are ready to sweat in order to go where they want to be. Just because nothing happens by magic, you have to put in the work to get results. 

There are only 5 spots opening up for this program every 3 months, so if you want to start getting clients in the next 90 days, here is your chance. See you on the other side! With love, Mel

Students results :
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